Hunt MVP


1.Check this option to turn on auto hunt MVP

2.You will hunt MVP during this period of time

Boss Settings


1.Check skills here for hunting boss (please set auto use skills under Global Settings);

2.Check items here for hunting boss (please set auto use items under Global Settings);

3.You may add a coordinate here, and your character will go there first to look for boss, this optional;

4.Select MVP/Mini from the list;

5.Add as many MVP/Mini as you wish.

Note: you can have different settings for different MVP/Mini.

Mode Settings


1.Go to the boss map and wait for their spawning.

Wing Settings


1.Start to use wings to look for boss when boss spawning prompt shows up;

2.Your character will add your targets to your Auto list before looking for them;

3.Start to use wings several seconds before boss spawning.

MVP Misc.


1.How often the MVP Board will be checked once to confirm if the target is alive or not