[Fishing Settings]
Tick the box of purchasing bait will allow the bot to purchase selecting bait while is insufficient. If user not do so, the bot won’t buy any baits.

Please use the function according to your need.

Please do not tick the Buy seeds box if the selecting seeds are not purchasable.

If you select two SPA buffs at the same time, the character will leave the spa place only when it reaches both of spa buffs’ level.


Before using this feature, Please add the production according to following picture into favorites.

The order of Favorites list refers to 1 to 10 in the bot.

This function runs with game data, so it will keep executing even if you don’t open the Production page.
Moreover, it won’t modify the game data itself, please don’t worry about the safety of your account.

Video Tutorials:


Sea Fishing and farming check won’t affect character’s current process, it will lead character to collect the reward once Sea Fishing and Farm have finished.