Life skill
  • Auto fish: will be executed while satisfying the condition regarding to money and stamina. Set the fish type, the bot will auto purchase the appropriate bait. Fish will be stopped when meet the ending stamina. The bait will be auto purchased when it is out.(For players who wish to fish more than one type set them in different stamina value, first one need to greater than second one, and turn on both)

  • Auto mining: will be executed according to the start stamina, and stop at the ending stamina. Please set the mining location according to your current mining level

  • Auto gardening: set start and end stamina, about the time, please set it according to the plants you are about to get. Otherwise, it will waste your AFK time to check if the plants are growing.And adding plant into the list. Turn on the bloom status will only garden during rain or anyother special wearther