Welcome to Cloud Phone web version Setup Tutorials

Pockm is an intelligent game-assistive tool which helps players manage their in-game characters. Players can choose a plan either from one or Multi-Cloud to start using Pockm. Every game account requires one cloud device, which means a Multi-Cloud plan can manage more than one character at the same time. The intelligent AF tool as Pockm’s core, its offline-multi-AF function stands alone in the mobile games.

1.Lauch Pockm on your iOS devices;
2.Press"Add a Cloud Plan" on Pockm;
3.Enter the CDKEY(s) you received from us will successfully register you on our secured cloud server.

Currently, Cloud Phone devices support used in web version. (We highly recommend IOS users to use it)
Devices that can open the website (Computer, IPhone, Android Phones).
No need for storage and memory of device itself, just login and use it.

Setup Tutorials:

1.Click enter into the website: https://pockm.cloudemulator.net/zh-hant/sign-in.htm

2.Select the Server location

3.Enter your Cloud Phone account and password

4.Click “Control” to enter into your Cloud Phone

5.The picture after entering the Cloud Phone

Note: The using methods should be consistent with the methods used in APP and PC after entering.