[Reset time]
Allow user to set the dungeon farming time for next day. Default time will be 4 am if user do not check this function.

[Restart game when resetting]
Restart the game in order to make the bot perform batter.

[Select character]
Select the character you want to login.

Check according to your personal need.
Periodically check recommend to set more than 60 min to avoid unnecessary checking.

[Success rate]
Recommend to set the rate as 100 to avoid the wasting of material.

Please do reserve some gold to prevent other process from getting stuck.

Use other function according to your needs.

Check the function according to your need.
Because there are two rings, the bot will upgrade the one that in the front of the gear list.
The second ring will be upgraded after the first ring is not able to upgraded anymore.

Selling goods when the bag capacity reach the setting value.


When character run out of potion, the bot will lead character to purchase selecting recovery potion.


Prevent character from getting stuck for some reasons. Recommend every player to check this function.

[Auto Accept Request Playing]
After checking, you will agree to play, if you do not check, you will refuse to play.

[Auto use counter attack]
Counterattack, stand-up and other auxiliary actions will be performed when you’re doing dungeon quests.