Global Settings

Login Related


1.OuchM can automatically log in to the game for us if you have this option checked

2.You may enter your account and password here for auto login, but they are OPTIONAL

3.Select your character and your login method

Move Settings


1.Select from normal wings and giant wings

2.Do not check this if you do not have a TP skill

3.Use this option to save giant flywings. One normal flywing – one giant flywing – one normal flywing – one giant flywing

4.Teleport to another area through Kafra Staff

5.Automatically refuse TP invite from party leader

Auto use skills


2.Set how your skills will be cast.

  • Auto: tap the skill slot once for you in combat
  • On Position, Above, Below, Left, Right: for AOE skills only (see the diagram)115
  • Member 1, Member 2, Member 3, Member 4: for single-target buff/heal skills
  • On Members: for AOE buff/heal skills, add your party member's name here:116
  • On Monsters: for AOE damage skills like Arrow Shower
  • Periodically Auto: tap the skill slot once for you no matter you are in combat or not
  • Use Skills Close to Monsters: your character will get close to monsters before using the skill
3.Interval is how often your skills will be cast.

Auto use items


1.Use ‘READ BAG’ to read item name from your bag;

2.Add an item to it;

3.Set how many of this item you would like to keep in your bag;

4.Set how often this item will be used.