Back-up setting

This function allows you to switch the bot setting according to your backups.
For example, if you set the bot for daily dungeon and combat file farming as backups, you don’t need to reset the bot after bot finish the daily quest. As long as you switch the bot setting to backups, it will save bot’s time in checking daily quest status.

Video Tutorials:

[ Backup Setting feature]
Recommend to use if you have multiple devices. For user who only has one device we recommend use local backup.(Please watching the tutorial video at the top)
<Cloud backup setting>
1.Click the “Cloud” icon.

2.Input the backup setting name, and click “save”.

3.Click “Token”, then you will be able to see and edit your cloud backup setting number.
(must contain 16 character with both low case alphabet and number)

<Reading Backup from Cloud>
1.Switch to Cloud backup.

2.Click TOKEN, input the cloud backup number you want to read, and press OK.

3.After bot recognizing the token, click the mini triangle and select the backup setting you want to read.

4.After the bot read the backup, a note will pop out to info you the process success.