Farm Settings

1.When Farm is turned on and energy >x% detected, the character will go for gathering for 150sec before AF
2.Auto gathering at one time is recommended. Gathering while AF may lead the character to be attacked by monsters

Farm in Nightmare Settings

1.Farm Settings: You need to move to the AF position on your own, and then tap Acquire Coordinate. If coordinate is revealed, it means coordinate is successfully acquired, and then you can check the box with the coordinate
2.Switch Farm point after death: Switch to the next AF point if died. This prevent the character keep dying on one point
3.Polite Mode: If another player occupies the AF point you are heading to, the character will randomly move to a farther position

Open Field farm locations

1.Auto switch AF point before CE 3000: You do not need to set AF points, BOT will auto switch AF points for you based on your character’s CE
2.Game saving point: This means auto saving point feature in the game. The top-down sequence is saving point 1, saving point 2, saving point 3…
3.AF Point: You need to move to positions on your own, and the tap Acquire coordinate
4.Highest CE<X: The character will auto switch to the next position on the list when CE is higher than the number on the settings. This is recommended for players who would like to have the character AF for a long period of time. Normal AF settings will apply if this box is not checked.

Heal/skill assist

1.Potion intelligent: Potions will be consumed automatically based on current HP, and smaller potions will be consumed first
2.Black-Spirit skills: Black-Spirit skills will be cast automatically
3.Auto loot Spoils of Battle: The character will loot Spoils of Battle automatically. This is recommended for players with few pets

Auto fishing

The character will go fishing automatically with this box checked and time period set. If you would like to go fishing for the whole day, please make settings the exact same as the above screenshot.
Auto save to storage & auto sell fish: These only apply to fish with BOT on, which means fish you get on your own will neither be saved to storage nor sold.