Cloud Phone Advantages

No matter use Bot or not, most mobile games have the requirements for farming. Games should be open all the time and you can do nothing when it is in farming. Such as: browsing websites, watching movies, replying messages, and etc. If you switch to another applications, it will stop farming.

It will need battery to run and be hot if you keep your mobile phones open.

So many people choose to use the emulator in the desktop instead of using mobile phone. However, desktop can’t be carried everywhere easily, you still have to come back and sit in front of the desktop when you need manual operation.

Cloud phone solve all these problems. Generally speaking, Using Cloud phone means you rent a mobile phone online.

It will not consume any power and memory of your mobile phone. You can quit the Cloud phone and do other things on your mobile phone after you set it well. Even you shut down your mobile phone, Cloud phone is still running. It’s available in any smart devices(Mobile phone, Tablet, Computer),  and it can be used anywhere anytime.

Safe and Reliable    Protect your Cloud Data

Pocket cloud phone avoid data breaches caused by data theft or malicious software through remotely hosted applications. Data in the Cloud, which can avoid data leaking and malicious operation. There’s no fear of virus destroying the core data. 

Fully Compatible     Perfect Support

 Pocket cloud phone will provide Android environment based on Cloud. You can download any Apps or games you want and no need for root permission.

Easy to achieve unlimited multi-player

The possibility of owning multiple mobile devices is small for most players. With only one Pocket Cloud Phone, you’re not only can login two different accounts and play the same game at the same time, but also you can open multiple applications. Farming online will not affect the process of other mobile apps. 

Easy to use    Easy to install and set up

This is one of the lightest Android Cloud emulator that breaks through the limitations of the traditional Android emulator. It is out of the PC environment, no hardware requirements, stable and easy to use. No memory needed in your computer and mobile phone. No electricity consumption, no data flow and no loss of phone performance.

Achieve 24/7 online farming

Pocket cloud phones ensure that the software works intelligently in the cloud, which is easy to keep online all day long. Farming on Pocket cloud phone is an easier and more convenient way than farming on traditional emulator. No hardware requirements as PC. As long as the player will not turn off the cloud phone emulator program, the Pocket Cloud emulator will still keep working like a mobile phone. No need to worry about consuming electricity or overheating.